A-Z Show ‘n’ Tell Ideas

A-Z Show ‘n’ Tell Ideas

It’s the night before school and you’re tucking your preschooler in when suddenly you realize the homework hasn’t been done. Now in preschool it’s not so much the child’s homework as it is the parent’s. We’re talking about Show ‘n’ Tell.


Each Wednesday the kids are to take an item that begins with the letter of the week for Show ‘n’ Tell. Last year, each week went some what like this:

Me: “It’s letter C week. What would you like to take to show your friends that starts with the ‘C’ sound?”

Little Man: “Fire truck!!”

Me: “No fire truck starts with the ‘F’ sound. You can take that for letter F week. What starts with ‘C’ sound?”

*End of the world, heartbroken sobs from the boy followed by me just sticking something in his bag

*This scenario was repeated EVERY week except the letter F week where he chose to take my fire helmet instead.


This year I am determined to try to make this easier and hopefully give myself the time to come up with things ahead of time for those harder words like Q, X and Z. So I sat down this week and made up a list of items for each letter. (If you’re ever bored you should try to make an A-Z list. I promise it won’t be as easy as you may think!) After it was done I decided that something that took that long should be shared.365 Show 'n' Tell Ideas You never have to google for ideas again!

So today I am sharing a printable with at least 10 words for each letter. I tried to include so “lazy” items too, such as barrette, dime and Ziploc that you most likely know where they are and can grab at the last minute.Try to make finding the items fun like a game. Ask your child what they would like to take. Use the letter name and sound to help reinforce the concept. Unless your child’s teacher has said otherwise, you can send a picture. For example ‘Family’ could be a family photo. There are very few words with X at the beginning so I included some words with X in them that may work. Think outside of the box and make it unique.

Would you like to get the A-Z list right now?

Don’t stress over Show ‘n’ Tell. Fill in the form below to get your free A-Z printable right now! If you know another parent who could use this list please share this article with them.


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