The Life of Genuine Country Kids in 17 Photos

The Life of Genuine Country Kids in 17 Photos

On a ranch or a farm, children are often involved in the care of animals and the general running of the operation from a very young age. Even when the country kids are  too young to help, parents often take the kids with them while they take care of the chores. This is how I grew up and now my son and my brother’s girls are experiencing the same thing. And loving (most) every minute of being a country kid.

Here are Little Man and Miss L not yet a year old hanging out in the pens while we branded and vaccinated all the cattle. They weren’t big enough to help but they were still right there with us.



Some days there are just the normal chores.



Like Miss L feeding the animals here.






Little Man helping Uncle Roy clean out the barn.






Only a few months old, Little Man started learning about general maintenance of the equipment and other vehicles.




And all 3 of our country kids love checking on the various animals.


Other days, while still considered normal, are a bit more eventful.



Like when the pigs are out for the hundredth time this week. Going on a rampage through my yard turning over planters and busting up pipes for my washer drain. Miss L worked hard to keep them out of yards and put them back in their pen.




Removing grass-burrs and goat-heads from each others feet and clothing. Little Man learned how to use pliers at a young by doing this. Wanna guess which one will end up crying?




It’s a common occurrence to have animals brought in to the houses just to “Say Hi!”. Chickens aren’t the only critters brought in. There have been sick baby goats, piglets and kittens, a duck, a llama and a calf in the house as well. Some of these were brought in by me to be able to tend to them easier when hurt or sick.  I guess that could be because I grew up as a country kid myself!



In the winter, somebody has to make sure the livestock can still get water when the tanks freezer over. Little Man loves to help whomever “gets to go play with ice”. (Don’t worry there were adults very near him!)


The country kids break time!



These country kids seem to think that if they want a snack, it is perfectly acceptable to just go in the barn and get some of the cattle’s cake. Now I will admit that I did the same thing when I was little but now that I’m grown up it just seems really gross to me!




It can get really hot in the summer here. So what’s a country kid to do when the want to cool off and the nearest pool is many miles away? Why just jump into the fresh, cool water of a stock tank!



At the end of a country kids day…



Always make sure you and your partner in mischief have shut all the gates. This was something my granddad taught me at a really young age and I have been making sure the little mischief makers do too.




Finally the work is done so it’s time to get all cleaned up and maybe go out for the evening.





But not so fast, while you may be all dolled up and ready to go, there may be another critter that needs your assistance. Being in a tutu doesn’t slow Miss E down.





Now it’s getting too late to head out and the exhausted little country kid risks falling asleep in the pickup waiting for dad to finish checking sprinklers.



So why risk it when you can run around outside pant-less catching toads tonight instead!





Some days we are all quite lazy around here and only the bare minimum gets done. Then there are the days where we all have extra spoons so we are able to get a lot of work done even with our little mischief makers. See how I recover from big, busy days HERE.

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