Fall Bucket List

Fall Bucket List

Happy Fall Ya’ll!!

Yesterday was the first day of fall. So in celebration, I decided to make a fall bucket list. I am so excited to get started on these activities! Many of these are things that I have done before. Like trick-or-treating, eating candy corn and making a wreath (see my fall wreath here!) Other items are things I’ve seen others do or make that just look cool. You should totally search for “button art” on Pinterest. There will definitely be more of that happening here!

So what will be the first item checked off on your list? Let us know in the comments or come on over to Facebook to let us know. Get your FREE Fall Bucket List here.

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    1. I’m glad you asked! I have seen this done several different ways. The less messy way to provide a sensory experience is to put some on the pumpkin guts in a Ziploc and let your little one smush it around. One year we blew up a little splash pool and set the kids in it with a bowl of pumpkin and some kitchen utensils to play with. They loved it and came out looking like little pumpkin monsters! That worked really well to contain the mess but they were barely walking at that time. Pinterest has TONS of other ideas like adding little items in the bin for them to find.

  1. Hi, I liked your Bucket List and I am going to check out your button tree. We are both in Pinterest Ninjas. I was only asked to comment or pin, but I decided to do both and join your list because that’s where I have had the most challenges. I would love it 😍 if you would reciprocate! Thanks! Adrienne, http://www.whimsyandwow.com

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