How to DIY a Beautiful Fall Wreath This Afternoon

How to DIY a Beautiful Fall Wreath This Afternoon

I love wreaths! Christmas wreaths, spring wreaths, patriotic wreaths, wreaths made with flip-flops, ornaments or picture frames, you name it I probably have it pinned on Pinterest. What’s not to love? They make the house look more homey and add a bit of color and/or festivity to your entryway.

Lucky for me, my mom and my grandmother like wreaths too. So I get to make wreaths every so often for someone. My Gran has been needing a new fall wreath as the old one has seen many autumns on her door. So what do Mom and I do? Go to Hobby Lobby of course!


Wreath form – Here I re-purposed a grapevine wreath Gran already had.

Flowers – I love all the colors and textures these bunches have.

Burlap ribbon – There’s enough to do several projects with 1 roll.

Hot glue gun – My Memaw’s glue gun may not look the best but it’s the ol’ faithful of hot glue guns.

Scissors – Just good all-purpose scissors.

Floral Wire – This one roll has lasted AGES.

Multipurpose wire nippers – These are actually from my jewelry making supplies but they work really well for cutting and pulling wire through the wreath then twisting the ends well.

The Making of the Wreath!

Prepare the flowers


I like to start by cutting each flower stem off of the main bunch. I started out trying to use the scissors for this but they couldn’t deal with the thick wires in these flowers. So I switched over to the wire cutters.


Then I pulled the leaves off the lower parts of the stems. I left some of them on if they were up close to the bloom. Hang on to the leaves, you may want to add some to the wreath later.

I like to sort the individual flowers and leaves into piles so I can see what exactly I have.

Make the bow


Cut about a 1 foot length of the burlap ribbon. Lay it flat then fold the edges in to the middle so that the edges are overlapping.




Glue the top edge down to make a thinner strip. This strip will be what holds the bow together.



Lay the thin strip face down on you table. Then unroll the ribbon back and forth over the strip until you have the size of bow you want. The more times back and forth = a bigger bow. The strip should be in the middle of what will be the bow and from the strip to where it turns back over is how big each loop in the bow will be.

I forgot to take a picture of the next step. Yay, brain fog! Now you will take both ends of the thin strip and tie a tight knot around the ribbon that’s on top.

After you have the ribbon secured, you can start fluffing up the loops to make it look more like a bow. (I’ve been known to play with a bow for hours before I got it to look how I wanted).

I like to leave the “tails” longer and trim them once the whole wreath is done and hanging up. I find it easier to see how long to make it that way.


Putting it all together

Pick a flower any flower! Start working the flower stems through the wreath until the flowers are against the wreath.

This is also a good time to attach the bow. Once again not pictured but I attached it using the floral wire then had to use hot glue to make it stay put. Brain fog strikes again!

Then turn the wreath over and bend the stems so they are as close as you can get them to the wreath.

We’re not going to secure these yet.

Continue placing the flowers on the wreath until it looks like you want.

(Click HERE to learn why this project took me longer than it does for most people)

This is what the back of my wreath looked like before I wired down the stems. Take a piece of wire and work it through the wreath to tie the stems snugly against the wreath. I was able to wire 2 or 3 stems together to the wreath so there would be fewer wires on the back. Don’t worry it will look much better before we’re done.


And here is the wreath with the stems all securely wired. I’ve also tucked all the wires into the wreath so they won’t scratch the door. The stems were able to be woven into the wreath and blend in pretty well.


Finishing the wreath

I wrapped a heavier wire around the top of the wreath to hang it from. There were a few spots that didn’t quite look right so I added in a few of the leaves we saved earlier. Those are held in place with hot glue.

Then the very last thing I did was trim the ends of the ribbon. I wanted it to have the V-shaped or dovetail end. So I folded the ribbon in half and cut a triangle shape starting at the bottom corner on the wired side up.




And here is a lovely wreath for my lovely Gran!

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2 thoughts on “How to DIY a Beautiful Fall Wreath This Afternoon

  1. OMG! I absolutely LOVE wreaths too! I’ve never made one but you make it look so easy though! Will have to try this one!
    Quick question, U have Hobby Lobby and Michaels close to my home. Which one would you prefer?

    1. Thanks for commenting! The thing about wreaths is you can make them as easy or as difficult as you want. My biggest problem is overthinking them sometimes!
      I would have to say I prefer Hobby Lobby but that’s mostly because it’s only 50 miles away instead of the 100 miles to Michael’s. So I’ve only been to Michael’s a couple of times and that was 7 years ago! Sorry I’m not much help there.

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