Spoon Theory

Spoon Theory

I’m sure you have noticed the word “spoon” mentioned around here. You may be wondering, “What’s her deal with spoons? Everybody has spoons in their kitchen.” Or maybe you’re wondering why I use the word when I’m talking about lupus or invisible diseases. Learn more about the Spoon Theory below!Spoon Theory for explaining lupus or chronic illness to others.

So about these spoons…

Well, today I’d like to share with you the Spoon Theory. This is a really great way to explain to others what it is like living with lupus or other chronic conditions. Unfortunately, with many of these conditions the disease is ravaging our bodies on the inside but all too often we appear “normal” on the outside. This results in people saying things like, “But you don’t LOOK sick.” As if just looking normal means that we are healthy, pain-free and fully capable of doing whatever we want.

There have been many times over the years that I have wished my outside could look more like I feel inside. In high school, before I was diagnosed and just after, I had teachers and classmates say that I was just faking it to skip school or that I was just lazy. Up until that point, I had been active in marching band, show choir, athletic training and various other clubs and groups. To be told that I was lazy and faking it broke my heart. I was trying SO hard and pushing myself on a daily basis to just be able to get up and walk to the bathroom or kitchen. Even doctors and other medical staff blew me off.

I felt like nobody understood.

spoons used per daily living activitiesSo it was a really big deal when I came across this story called “The Spoon Theory” written by Christine Miserandino. It explained everything so perfectly. Like how I’d have to rest just after taking a shower or have to sit down part way to the kitchen because every tiny bit of energy I may have felt was suddenly gone.  I felt like I could finally explain how I felt every. single. day. to those that were still around me.  My friends finally got why I couldn’t just take off and go to the movies. They understood better why it was usually better to just hang out watching movies at home. There were still those who just couldn’t or wouldn’t believe that a previously active 17 year old could be in such bad shape. However, the ones closest to me finally had a little better understanding of my new life.

Over the years I have printed the Spoon Theory off many times to share with family, friends, and coworkers. Each time they were astounded at what I live through daily. A few were even brought to tears.



A little about Christine Miserandino

She is an amazing lupus warrior who not only wrote this story but is an award-winning writer, blogger, speaker and founder of ButYouDontLookSick.com. Christine is also a big supporter of awareness and patient advocacy in the lupus community. She has been featured in so many magazines, papers, medical newsletters and a member in so many medical and lupus organizations, I think I would run out of space to type eventually!

Are you ready to read the Spoon Theory?

I’m sure you’re getting tired of me just rambling on about how much I love this story. So just click here or on the picture below to read the full story.Spoon Theory Image from www.butyoudontlooksick.com

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