10 Gifts Your Spoonie Will Love

10 Gifts Your Spoonie Will Love

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It’s now the time of year we must all start figuring out what to get our friends and family for Christmas. I’m sure we all have those people that a simple “World’s Greatest ______” mug or a tin of popcorn is perfect for. But what about the not-so-easy-to-buy-for people? Especially those with a chronic illness. The Spoonies of the world. Click here to learn what a Spoonie is.

Sure I’m pretty easy to please, most anything purple or fuzzy and I’m good to go. But there are certain things that may not be appropriate for some Spoonies. For example, I have very sensitive skin and have found that I can only use certain lotions, bath stuff, and makeup or else I’ll break out and itch for days. Other people may not be able to tolerate strong scents in candles or body products. So it is important to keep some of that in mind when shopping for anyone really but especially a Spoonie.

Another thing to consider is how active is your Spoonie? Are they able to get out and explore the world? Go to concerts or travel? If so then that luggage set may be perfect but if they are more or less housebound that suitcase sitting around gathering dust may just be another reminder of what they are missing out on.

So for this post, I’m going to focus a bit more on self-care items and things that can help we Spoonies feel a bit pampered or make life a little easier. Some of these items I have and love, others are things that are on my wish list. I hope you can find something for that special Spoonie in your life!

10 Gift Ideas for Spoonies

1. Terry cloth robe – I have had one of these for many years and it has saved me so many spoons. Instead of having to do all that bending and balancing to dry myself off with a towel after a bath or shower I just put this on and by the time I’ve finished combing out my hair I’m mostly dry. It’s also great for those times I need to just sit and rest a bit after a shower before getting dressed, I don’t have to worry about the towel slipping and can stay cozy warm.



2. Heat pad/wrap – As I sit here writing I have my heat pad on my shoulders. There is rarely a day goes by that I don’t use my heat pad. It helps ease some of the aches and pains associated with lupus and fibromyalgia. My favorite heat pad is THIS. It is BIG and covers most of my back. It is floppy and fits itself to me and it’s washable. Now while I was looking for the link to that heat pad I came across the wrap pictured. It immediately found it’s way to my Amazon wishlist *wink wink*. I love the idea of it having a snap to hold it in place and that it can be used for moist heat. Just a win all around.

3.  Body pillow – My brother gave me one for a birthday many, many years ago and I still use it today. The longer length helps me find a more comfortable position to sleep and is especially handy while I’m pregnant. I have also used it behind me when I’m sitting up in bed, as a nursing pillow, to prop up my legs and to sit on when I lost a bunch of weight and needed more cushioning in the recliner. This has definitely been one of my most used gifts I have received. Thow in a pretty and soft pillow case and your Spoonie will be sure to love this.

4. Pajama’s – I spend more time at home than I do going out so it’s safe to say that I get more use out of my pj’s and comfy clothes than I do “real” clothes. So new pajama’s or soft stretchy clothes are always appreciated. When the fibromyalgia is flaring up I have to be careful with the textures of my clothes. Too rough and my skin will feel like it’s slowly being peeled off so soft, loose and lightweight clothes are a must. Everyone will fabrics they prefer but I have found that jersey knit, flannel and fleece fabrics tend to be kinder to me when every nerve in me is screaming.

5. Non-Slip House Shoes – Some soft and cozy slippers are always nice but watch out for the ones that don’t have a non-slip sole! Some Spoonies may have trouble with their balance or just not be able to get around too well and that can easily result in a fall. In my opinion, the best house shoe is a soft, slip on with a rubber sole, bonus points for cuteness!

6. Blanket – Who doesn’t love blankets??? Big queen-sized blankets, lap blankets, heated blankets, light throws, fleecy blankets, knit/crochet blankets, quilts, sherpa blankets…You get the idea I LOVE having blankets around! And if I’m to be honest this blanket looks like it just might need to find it’s way to my house! Spoonies can sometimes have trouble regulating their body temperature so having a blanket nearby can help save a spoon that would be needed to get a blanket from elsewhere. It can also be a nice thing to have in a car for those chilly days going to doctor appointments or to have something more homey if a hospital stay is necessary.

7. Gloves – It’s winter and everybody could use a nice pair of gloves. As Spoonies that is especially true. When my hands get just a little cool my joints start to ache and get stiff. If I were to go out in freezing temps with no gloves the ache becomes an agonizing pain that takes time and meds to get rid off. So I make sure to have several pairs of gloves around. I usually the thin, cotton gloves at WalMart that come in packs of 2 for $1.50 or so to keep stashed in the vehicles and such. I like thinner gloves with textured palms for driving and thicker gloves for times I know I’m going to be out for awhile like at the Christmas parade.

8. Bath Stuff – Now I know I mentioned earlier that we must use caution with scents for some people. However, if you know there are no sensitivities bath stuff can be a great gift. This goes back to the aches and pains a Spoonie may have. Epsom Salts can be great at providing a bit of pain relief when added to a hot bath. There are many pre-made Epsom salt mixes with various scents added. My favorite brand is Dr Teal’s and they have many different products. I have yet to find one I don’t like. I also like to make jars of my own mixture to give out that includes Epsom salt, some essential oils known to help with pain and relaxation and some baking soda. Bath bombs and bubble baths can also be a nice way to pamper your special Spoonie.

9. Gift Cards & Certificates – I know some may feel gift cards are too impersonal but for a Spoonie it can be a great gift. If you know a few places they like to eat a gift card could save them from having to cook supper after a long day. Bonus points if there’s delivery! Gift certificates for a pedicure may be perfect for the Spoonie who has trouble bending to reach her toes anymore. Or maybe a certificate for a massage for the Spoonie who needs to relax a bit.

10. Help with tasks that are difficult for your Spoonie – One of the best gifts you can give is your time. There may be some tasks around the house your Spoonie has been putting off because they haven’t been able to do them. It may be cleaning the house has been too much and they could use help getting caught up. Or perhaps they’ve been wanting to update a room with a new paint job but are unable to handle a project like that anymore. It might be that your Spoonie needs someone to watch their kids when they have doctor’s appointments. Whatever it is you can know that it will be greatly appreciated. Just make sure you actually follow through on your promise to help otherwise your Spoonie may end up feeling even more burdensome if they get the impression that you feel it’s putting you out.

I’m sure your Spoonie will appreciate whatever you do for them and they are lucky to have someone who is taking the time to find something they can use. Good luck on your search for the perfect gift and blessings to you this holiday season!

If you are a Spoonie and know of some other really great gift ideas that I’m sure I missed, please comment below so I can be sure to include them later!

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