The Day After a Party with Lupus

The Day After a Party with Lupus

Throbbing headache


Stumbling around to find some meds


This is the day after the party. Did we party like college kids? Nope! This is just the day after a 4 year old’s birthday party…

Yesterday we got to celebrate my son’s birthday with the family. It was a good day. He had a blast with all his cousins. He loved the fire truck theme. Filled up on sweets and hot dogs. And he didn’t slow down until he passed out at bedtime.

Being a party animal is hard work!

Most parents experience these things with their children’s parties but for a Lupie parent it is different.

I am out of spoons…

I pushed myself past my limit to make this a good day for him. As I sit here typing I find myself having to hit backspace more than usual because my hands are stiff and swollen. Every little movement hurts and I’ve got my beautiful butterfly rash going on. All of this courtesy of Lupus (learn more about lupus). I’ve been switching between heat and ice and have spent most of the day in the recliner watching the kids play with the new toys.

Should I be getting up and tidying up the house? Probably but I know that I need this rest today. Little man can have more time to enjoy the fire truck decorations and the random napkin or cup will be there tomorrow.

So today I would like to share with you a few of my…


Ice Pack – I like the refillable type so I don’t have to wait for it to refreeze. I just dump the water out, fill it up with ice and I’m good to go again. Just remember to never place ice directly on skin and to only use for about 20 minutes at a time on one area.

Heat pad – There are some days I don’t think I could function without this. It really helps to loosen up my back and hip so I can move around easier or get to sleep after a big day.

Soft Blanket –  I tend to get chilled when I over do it. I love to have a soft blanket around for days like this.

Pillow – I sleep on it, I use it to find a less painful position, I prop my legs up with it, I sit it on my lap to hold my book up for me. There are just so many things a pillow can be used for.

Epsom Salts – I LOVE to take a warm Epsom Salt bath. The warm water feels good no matter what and the Epsom salt helps soothe sore muscles and joints as well as providing some magnesium to your body which can help with sleep.

Easy to grab and open snack and drinks – I keep a basket in the pantry for the kids to grab a snack when they need it. It has a mix of granola bars, fruit cups, baggies of pretzels or nuts that I pack ahead of time. I also try to keep stuff ready in the fridge for them like carrots, tomatoes, cheese sticks, etc… This works well for us since they are so independent and they can bring me something to eat too if I can’t get around well.

Over-the-counter and Prescription medications – Always follow your doctor’s advice when taking medication!

Essential oils – Peppermint and Lavender are 2 of my favorites to easy pain and calm kids.

Most importantly

Be kind to yourself

If there is still cleanup to do take breaks, unless you are planning another party tomorrow, there is usually no reason you HAVE to have a spotless home today.


 Lupus Remedies

What are a few of your must-haves for after a big day?

I’d love to hear from you so leave a comment below. If you know someone who could use these ideas SHARE!






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